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:star: Working schedule - haha have mercy :star:

:star: Comic Fiesta 2014 27-28th December
* all done ;o;!!

:star: Collab Artbook - 90%
:star: SS - 0%
:star: BE - 50%

Commission - will resume in december hopefully ;_; thank you for your patience
- puri | da note
- xaki | da note
- asculei | tumblr note
- moondust70 | adopt
- vaniraa | da note
- PaleBlueRoses



:new: UPDATE DEC 15
Pre-orders have now closed! A big thank you to all who purchase my artbook, I'm forever grateful from the overwhelming amount of feedback from you guys TWT <33
For now I will start managing all the orders and start packing. Because I have Comic Fiesta on 27th-28th this month, I will be shipping orders around January 5th to 9th because I realised that my initial plan to ship on the 2nd might be not a good idea due to holiday week. I will be updating this journal again with pics when I get the books all printed, look forward to it! <33

To those who have asked for reserved copies, please kindly note me again before the year ends so that I can also start packing and ship at the same time. Thank you so much!


Last call for artbook pre-order, ending in 2 days Dec 14th (Sunday), extended because I already decided on the minimum order for the book printing!

Pre-order here!

Comic Fiesta PU form

Also, here's a high koala-tea photo (my hand is shaking that why its blurry lolsorry) preview of one of the freebie prints that comes together with the pre-order

20141208 212753 by erebun
I promise the original artwork is very nice /hit

Sorry for the lack of response lately I have been so busy drawing non-stop but I really thank you for your wonderful supports TwT// <33


Thank you everyone for the bday wishes and all the supports SOBS A LOT I FEEL SO BLESSED THANK YOU :iconsoemotionalplz:
There's only 8 days left for pre-orders! I have also made a form for Comic Fiesta pick up,
if I can trouble you to please fill out the form here ->…
* This form is just so I can record how many books I should print
* Payment can be made during the event
* Comic Fiesta price is RM50 per book
* All artbook will be signed unless stated otherwise

I got a few questions if there's any OC art in the book, sadly there isn't any (maybe just one lolcry) but the freebie prints/bookmark that comes together are illusts of my OCs that I'm working on!
The freebies are only pre-order/comic fiesta specials, after that they won't be offered anymore!
im cry.. I truthfully didn't think people would like to see my OCs in the book I feel really touched thank you waahh TwT

Pre-order here!

omg guys hi, I'm sorry for being absent for a while I was really busy and got a little sick too hah (the weather is so poopy lately...) BUT finally I get to finish it waaah!! TwT
This artbook is a compilation of my artworks from 2011 towards 2014, there are some new artworks too! (you can see some on the little previews)

Artbook 'UNISON' Pre-order! by erebun

Pre-orders are now open for limited time only!

This is because I plan to sell the book in Comic Fiesta at 27th-28th December so I need plenty time to print the book and quality check sobs

You can also get the book + all the pre-order freebies (however not including the pencil sketch sadly) if you are coming to Comic Fiesta!
There are freebies for every pre-orders, also pencil sketch request for the first 10 pre-orders that will be shipped together with the book to you! *7*
edit: wahh all first 10 pencil sketch pre-orders bonus are taken, will shortly send you an email to confirm your request, thank you!!

Pre-order here!

Thank you so much for your support ;o;/// <333
If there's any questions you would like to ask feel free to send me a note!


Hello, you can call me Eleven or Erebun please!
Thank you for stopping by! (ಠ‿ಠ)
previously NekoKirara -> eyeballing

Tumblr: erebun ■ Pixiv ID: 2657904 ■ Gaia: eyesocket

adopt account
Avatar 11topus by Yuuza
(made by Yuuza )



PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY WORKS OFF-SITE - I cross-post my works on my Tumblr, so please reblog from there!

:new: Sorry for huge watermarks on most of the deviations but I had to do it to prevent art theft, I hope you will understand that I have no other way

:new: I have no choice but to have my works shown in small size. I will only make the normal size available for one week after posting date, after that I will revert them to 400px width. Sorry but the art theft issues are too much for me to handle. Please understand!

Q: What program do you use?
A: Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS3.

Q: Can I redraw some of your work?
A: I'm honored for the thought, but please DO NOT remake/redraw my work please.

Q: Are you interested in projects?
A: I'm sorry but I would have to decline as I don't have much time to be involved.

Q: Can I use your work for my book cover/album etc.?
A: You will have to note me about it first! However, please understand there will be a charge for license fee.

Q: Would you mind if a fan club is created for you?
A: This one I get quite a lot, but I truthfully think there is no need for one. I appreciate the thought but I honestly think that a fan club is something like a tribute to people you couldn't reach personally. I frequent dA so if you ever need to ask me anything, you can always note me here. I always try my best to read and reply the notes I get.

If you never get any reply for your message, it's either;
1) The note system didn't get through and I did not receive your message
2) I might have missed it when I read it but I always go back to check to see if I forgot about it.

For more, please follow this link >…


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