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Colors and Saints
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:star: Working schedule - haha have mercy :star:

:star: Comic Fiesta 2014 27-28th December
* fanart prints - 100%
* fanart button - 0% | start nov

:star: Artbook - idek man 10% lol
:star: Collab Artbook - 3/5
:star: SS - 1/2

- puri | da note
- xaki | da note
- asculei | start nov - tumblr note



:new: UPDATE! 30/10/14 :new:

We now have option to pre-order thru Paypal! Please simply click the banner to be directed to our store :D

PayPal Pre-Orders

For more information about this update, please look for this journal below :D
Threads Artbook PayPal Pre-OrdersThere have been many, many messages and notes regarding this project with people asking us if they could order through Paypal instead since they don't use Kickstarter. Sadly Kickstarter doesn't allow Paypal as a payment option due to their system being that the campaign will not charge anyone a penny unless the target is met.
Using paypal does mean that you are paying right now so this will act as a "pre-order"  (and does include a £1.50 Paypal fee I'm afraid T__T) and it is to be used ONLY if you really can't/don't have access to Kickstarter please.
The production dates/shipping will not change (books will be sent out around January time) as stated in the Kickstarter details so please read them carefully:
The options are also more limited this way than the pledges we have on our kickstarter, however, for those of you who really are kind enough to want to support us but can't use kickstarter, here is the s

Thank you all so much, your supports have been priceless to us ToT <333


HELLO guys!! I'm here to tell you about an amazing collaborative artbook project I have been working on these past months with a lot of amazing artists and I'm happy to say our project is now live at Kickstarter! Please check out the details below;


SocialMedia by erebun


So pretty man cries a lot I'm so happy //manly tears TwT
Please help us share the word around, go tell your friends!!

I will submit a preview image of my exclusive artwork for this later, look forward to it! <33


Hello, you can call me Eleven or Erebun please!
Thank you for stopping by! (ಠ‿ಠ)
previously NekoKirara -> eyeballing

Tumblr: erebun ■ Pixiv ID: 2657904 ■ Gaia: eyesocket

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Avatar 11topus by Yuuza
(made by Yuuza )



PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY WORKS OFF-SITE - I cross-post my works on my Tumblr, so please reblog from there!

:new: Sorry for huge watermarks on most of the deviations but I had to do it to prevent art theft, I hope you will understand that I have no other way

:new: I have no choice but to have my works shown in small size. I will only make the normal size available for one week after posting date, after that I will revert them to 400px width. Sorry but the art theft issues are too much for me to handle. Please understand!

Q: What program do you use?
A: Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS3.

Q: Can I redraw some of your work?
A: I'm honored for the thought, but please DO NOT remake/redraw my work please.

Q: Are you interested in projects?
A: I'm sorry but I would have to decline as I don't have much time to be involved.

Q: Can I use your work for my book cover/album etc.?
A: You will have to note me about it first! However, please understand there will be a charge for license fee.

Q: Would you mind if a fan club is created for you?
A: This one I get quite a lot, but I truthfully think there is no need for one. I appreciate the thought but I honestly think that a fan club is something like a tribute to people you couldn't reach personally. I frequent dA so if you ever need to ask me anything, you can always note me here. I always try my best to read and reply the notes I get.

If you never get any reply for your message, it's either;
1) The note system didn't get through and I did not receive your message
2) I might have missed it when I read it but I always go back to check to see if I forgot about it.

For more, please follow this link >…


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Did I ever told you that I love your art in so many ways? (>^v^<) I wish I could draw like you <3 Keep doing so well! 
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